Frequently asked questions
what is invisu?
Invisu is a tool that guides startups to automatically create a beautiful, visual, dynamic and responsive one pager with a unique link sent to each investor so you can track engagement on your custom dashboard. No technical or design skills required, takes under an hour to create a killer one pager that gets you noticed and gets you in the door.
why should I use invisu?
How many hours have you wasted trying to clearly yet briefly explain, in writing, what your startup does and why it’s investable? You should be spending your time on growing your startup. Let us guide you through the process effortlessly, with beautiful results.
Why invisu is better than a regular one pager?
  1. Visual - custom icons enable minimal text - maximum understanding
  2. Dynamic - numbers, metrics and stats automatically updated
  3. Responsive - compatible with any and every device
  4. Quick and Easy - create your invisu one pager in under an hour, effortlessly
  5. Notifications and Stats - track investors’ engagement with your one pager
why does invisu increase my chances for a meeting?
Investors receive hundreds of one pagers a week. It’s tedious for them to read text-only documents, especially when they’re on a mobile device. If they "get" what you do in an instant, understand what sets you apart and see your market potential, you have a much better chance of being called in for a meeting.
do I need to fill out all the different sections of invisu?
The wizard is built to make the process as easy as possible. There are sections where you simply need to check boxes or choose items from a menu. The more you fill out, the richer your one pager becomes and the better your chances for a meeting. However, anything you don't wish to fill out now will not show on your page and you can always complete it later.
who invisu is for?
Currently we cater to start ups in the mobile and internet realm. In the future we will increase our solutions for Hardware, Cleantech, Biomed and more… Stay Tuned!!
why invisu is good for investors?
Investors are people too! They get tired and bored with reading unclear documents, yet they want to find the best startups out there. If they get a clear picture of who you are, they’re more likely to call you in. invisu is a great tool that saves them time and frustration.
Can I upload my own icons?
In our current version we have created a set of icons that visually get the message across. To keep things uniform you can't upload your own icons yet. Stay tuned for future versions!
Why is this the order of the page? What if I want to change it?
We have spoken to hundreds of investors to find out what they look for in a one-pager. By gathering this information and arranging it in a "story" flow, we have provided you with a page that captures the essence of your startup. If there's more you'd like to see, let us know and we'll be happy to consider it for a future version!
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