About us
Startups and investors have a challenging relationship - both sides miss great opportunities because of breaks in communication. Invisu aims to solve this by creating simple yet elegant communication and relationship management solutions for startups and investors.
Our first product, the Invisu One Pager Generator, aims to solve the first step in communication - the one pager sent out before the first meeting. Startups struggle to tell their story in one page, and usually produce long, cumbersome documents that nobody understands and often get passed over. Invisu automatically guides startups to create a beautiful, visual, dynamic and responsive one pager with a unique link sent to each investor separately so they can track the engagement.
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Our Edge
Invisu’s CEO, Donna Griffit, has been a Corporate Storyteller for over a decade. She’s worked Internationally with startups at every phase, as well as investors, and has a deep understanding of both sides’ needs. We’ve taken Donna’s experience and knowledge, as well as input gathered from hundreds of investors around the globe and automated it for you to use www.idonna.me
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